Ancora Imparo: Consultancy, Training, Support, CRM, Scotland UK

Are you still learning?

The world of Information Technology is changing and advancing everyday.

Everyone continues to need to learn. Ancora Imparo can help you learn more about IT and to use technology to better enhance your business and customer relations.

Ancora Imparo is a broad-based consultancy, aiming to provide independent advice.  This can be initiated by means of a systems audit - a FREE service offering a snapshot of your current systems together with a plan customised to identify further consultancy or training requirements or perhaps a referral to one of our Gateway consultancy partners. This review of your present IT systems can be complemented by advice and assistance relating to Customer Relationship Management.

We provide a range of consultancy, training and support services, covering a variety of applications.  These include:

  • Systems Audit and Process Mapping
  • Customer Relationship Management Consultancy
  • Training and workshops
  • GoldMine training and support, provided by Scotland's only GoldMine Certified Trainer
  • Crystal Reports training and support
  • Mamut Business Solutions suite training and support
  • Gateway consultancy
  • What does Ancora Imparo mean anyway?

    Contact Kevin Ferguson at:

    Ancora Imparo IT Consultancy, 3 Burn Drive, Broomridge, STIRLING, FK7 7RN

    T: 01786 811311 M: 07739 105576

    Scotland's ONLY

    Scotland's ONLY GoldMine Certified Instructor

    Mamut Authorised Partner

    Official Mamut Reseller